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Commercial or residential – whatever your need, The GRAVEL DOCTOR® is the industry’s most innovative provider of gravel and unpaved surface restoration.

The process is simple. The results are extraordinary. In just minutes the Gravel Doctor® system fully restores, compacts and smooths gravel driveways, gravel roadways, and gravel parking lots. Potholes and ruts are replaced by level surfaces; grass and weeds are completely eliminated. Existing gravel is recycled and then compacted into a rut resistant surface that maintains the existing grade while controlling run-off. Except in extreme circumstances, no additional gravel is required. The GRAVEL DOCTOR® provides fast, economical and environmentally friendly surface restoration.


The GRAVEL DOCTOR® machine is versatile and highly maneuverable compared to heavy road construction machinery because it operates in both forward and reverse. It is particularly efficient in operating in areas under 1,000 linear feet and areas adjacent to buildings and curbs where traditional equipment cannot access. Unlike graders and other heavy equipment the Gravel Doctor® can easily service previously inaccessible areas such as corners and areas adjacent to buildings and curbs.

The machine scarifies, remixes, spreads and levels existing gravel or new material. The GRAVEL DOCTOR® equipment is designed to mount on a category one 3-point hitch on a compact 4 wheel drive tractor. The machine is available in 4′ 6” to 8’ sizes. Larger sizes can be custom built. There is no direct competition to the Gravel Doctor in the current market place. Tractors, bulldozers, and road graders are considered indirect competition because, unlike The GRAVEL DOCTOR® system, these traditional machines scrape the surface only. When compared to conventional heavy machinery The Gravel Doctor’s® design achieves equal or superior results, in less time, while preserving the original landscape.

The Gravel Doctor® fills an untapped niche in gravel road and gravel surface restoration, providing a needed consumer and commercial service that’s non-polluting and economical. Remove unsightly ruts and potholes from your driveway today.

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